Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend At Nerdy's

My husband and I just moved from Salem, Massachusetts, to Medford. We moved to Salem in 2005, because we had just gotten married and wanted to buy a condo. The market in Boston was so overheated that we couldn't have afforded a studio in the town we worked in, so like many people, we adjusted to a long commute. After five years of two hours or more in the car, we decided that our quality of life was more important than owning our own home. We are now closer to work and our friends.We've been in the new apartment just over a week, and I'm very happy with it so far. Because we previously declined so many invitations due to the long trip to get anywhere, I've now been saying "Yes" to everything. This weekend was packed with spontaneous adventures.

On Friday, I took the T into Boston, where I got a pedicure with some girlfriends. Afterwards, we wandered around in the rain before ending up at Bar Lola, a tapas bar on Commonwealth Avenue. The tapas, sangria, and company were excellent, and hinted at the weekend to come.

B. and I got up early on Saturday and headed out to Winchester, one town over. He had to withdraw money for a motorcycle purchase, and I wanted to visit Mamadou's Artisan Bakery for some fresh bread. We noticed a farmers' market in on the Winchester town common and stopped in to take a look. Mamadou's had a tent, so I was able to grab some fresh Sesame Semolina before anyone else (and grab it I did). I also acquired a potted basil for my new kitchen window. I'm determined to visit as many farmers' markets as possible this summer, and gorge myself on fresh produce, local honey, and tea. This schedule of markets makes it possible to find one in the area for every day of the week! I explored Il Sogno in Medford for some Provolone and Italian ham to make grilled sandwiches on my amazing Mamadou's bread before heading out to Clinton to get tattooed (more on that later).

I spent the morning on Sunday making bacon and using the last of the bread for cinnamon French toast. I thought it would be a lazy sort of day around the house, but my friend Stacia called and invited me to the Friendly Toast in Cambridge for brunch. Now, I had already eaten breakfast, but I have a hobbit's love of meals and readily accepted. We lounged there for several hours, sampling cocktails and dining on eggs, beans, and salsa. Finally I headed home to do the grocery shopping and some chores, but I was home just a short while before B. texted me: he was back from picking up his new motorcycle. We met for dinner, then came home and watched A Serious Man. It was one of those difficult movies that probably deserves its own blog entry.

Phew! I'm tired just remembering all the stuff I did this weekend, but I'm so grateful I again live in a place where I can have a robust social life. Real life > video games, any day.

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